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Welcome to the web site of "Ensemble Gabriele Leone"

The "Ensemble Gabriele Leone" is a group of musicians whose goal is to promote music for mandolin. This group was founded in 1991 by a few dedicated people highly involved in this not-enough known instrument, with its multiple aspects.

Our repertoire starts with ancient music from 14th to 18th century, played on period instruments, continues with romantic and popular music, either from Italy or South-America, and moves toward contemporary music (we already played more than a hundred of pieces).

We play concerts all over France and Europe (we played in more than 100 concerts).

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If you wish to learn more about mandolin and about us, please take a few minutes to read our articles on the history of mandolin, or to listen to excerpts of our records.

Recent updates

1. Soon.

 Sunday 3th june 2018 3 :00 PM, concert in Gespunsart

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Vivaldi Arranged for 2 mandolins and 1 mandoloncello, the third movement Allegro, of Vivaldi Concerto in C. (

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CD "Mandolins over five Centuries : 1300-1800"
A few excerpts from the CD

With this recording, you will discover which instruments have been at the origin of mandolin, and a set of pieces written specifically for them at this time. Here is a table of content, together with a few excerpts.
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Short news
Our coming concerts

Next time 3 rd june 2018. Jazzy and brasilian music


Our concerts are now announced on our Facebook page,
please follow this link.

Our former activities

Saturday 7th april 2018 3 :15 PM, concert in the market "la Colonie", near Argenteuil train station.
-  17 décembre 2017, Eglise St Rémy de Gespunsart
-  15 juillet 2017, Grange de Pouzol dans le Cantal
-  le 21 mai 2017, concert en trio dans les Ardennes à Gespunsart
-  8 octobre 2016 au Sel (92310 Sèvres), au profit des victimes d'Amatrice : programme italien (Vivaldi, Barbella, Sartori, Calace, Mezzacapo
-  le 4/06/2016 à Paris (Crypte du Martyrium St Denis)
-  le 16/04/2016 à Gespunsart dans les Ardennes
-  le 10/10/2015 à Cambridge (sur mandolines anciennes) pour la BMG, fédération britannique de mandolines et guitares
-  fin mai 2014 : participation de l'Ensemble au Festival de mandoline de Bruchsal, Allemagne
-  le 25 mai 2014, concert à Paris avec le virtuose cuatriste vénézuélien Leo Rondon
-  le 16 juin 2013, concert dans les Ardennes
-  le 9 juin 2013, concert en hommage au grand mandoliniste français André Saint-Clivier, décédé le 5 mars 2013
-  le 18 mai 2013, concert à Paris avec le jeune virtuose mandoliniste Alon Sariel

-  Saturday 7th april 2018 3 :15 PM, concert in the market "la Colonie", near Argenteuil train station.
-  17th december 2017, St Remy Church of Gespunsart
-  15th july 2017, Pouzol's Barn in Auvergne
-  on May 21, 2017, concert (trio) in French Ardennes (Gespunsart)
-  on 8th octobre 2016 at Sevres Estival, for the benefit of the victimes of Amatrice (Italia)
-  4th june 2016 in Paris (Crypte du Martyrium St Denis)
-  16th april 2016 Gespunsart in french Ardennes
-  10th october 2015 Cambridge (ancient mandolines)for BMG,
-  from May 29 to 31, 2014 : we played at the mandolin Festival of Bruchsal, Germany
-  on May 25, 2014, a concert in Paris with the venezolan virtuoso Leo Rondon
-  on June 16, concert in French Ardennes region
-  on June 9, 2013, a concert in tribute to the great French mandolinist André Saint-Clivier, who passed away on March 5, 2013
-  on May 18, 2013, concert in Paris with the young virtuoso mandolinist Alon Sariel

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